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How to Lift the Fog, See Through the B.S. and Rise Above the Storm That’s Upon Us

Many heart-centered individuals, empaths and lightworkers (bless their souls!) believe that thinking positively, bringing awareness to sensitive topics, speaking soft & fluffy words of love and light — or even speaking out harshly about a subject — is what will create healing and unity in this world that feels so upside-down now. 

Nothing could be further from the truth… 

In fact, when people react in this way, this can bring even more problems. 

Here’s why...

  • Not everyone wants to hear the fluffy words - it can make you seem out of touch with reality.
  • People can misunderstand your intentions and get hurt by your words.
  • Or, you can feel even more fearful to enter the conversation because all that you see on social media is fighting.

A Moment of Clarity

Then, in a moment of clarity, I had many moments where God was gently tapping me on the shoulder… teaching me… showing me… 

I felt inspired to dust off THE LIGHT PLAN, the first product that I developed more than 10 years ago.  

I started putting it into practice.

And it works.

Here’s what I know to be true:

  • Being grounded, and building and expanding your own light is the only way out of the darkness.
  • Darkness wants you to feel like you're alone and disconnected from others and your Higher Power (that's why we're doing this together as a group).
  • When you’re vibrating at a higher frequency, lower energies can’t touch you.
  • When you can experience a perspective shift and rise above the storm, you can see the bigger picture from a place of objectivity and detachment.
  • When you increase your light, your intuition lifts out of the fog and you can actually see through the B.S. and have clarity of what you can (actually) do about it.
  • When you gain an understanding of the principles that I'll teach you in THE LIGHT PLAN, we naturally choose higher operating results and it accelerates progress.

The Story Behind the Light Plan

If I Can Do It, I Know You Can Too

I developed THE LIGHT PLAN to help others Awaken and Armor Up.  

It’s BOTH an offensive and defensive strategy against our common enemy: the darkness. 

THIS is exactly what will help you get unstuck and:

  • Feel more peace and hope
  • Lift the fog and get clarity as your intuition becomes stronger
  • Ratchet up your courage and bravery to live in alignment with your heart, intellect, mind and spirit, and take divinely guided actions
  • Understand the big picture and find meaning in the storm
  • Assimilate all the ascension energies (physical, emotional, mental symptoms) that you may have been feeling
  • Discover your divine purpose and how you can make a difference in the world

So again, consider this:

If you take action now, I promise that you’ll learn strategies on how to:

 + manage and optimize your energy

 + increase your light and “armor up” 

 + receive clarity and open up your intuition 

 +  tune into the higher frequencies that are coming into our planet, just as surely as the lower frequencies are.

Not to be a pessimist, I actually feel things are about to get worse, not better.

This is the time to increase your light, so those lower frequencies have less of an effect on you!

You have a choice…