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Energy Tune-Up & Coaching Session

The Energy Tune-up and Coaching Session is a one-hour session with Martina Muir. 

What are some reasons to do an Energy Tune-Up?

  • You’re feeling drained and would like to optimize your energy and magnify your potential. 
  • You’d like to accelerate results with something specific you’re working on: your health, spiritual/intuitive gifts, relationships, communication, business/career and more.  
  • You are looking for clarity and insight.

What are some reasons to get Coaching? 

  • You've experienced some enlightenment, but then it seems like the more you learn and grow the more things fall apart. 
  • You're struggling with being an empath and absorbing people’s emotional and physical issues.
  • You're opening up to your spiritual gifts and supernatural experiences are happening and it’s confusing or scary.
  • You've been learning about energy work and spiritual gifts, but sometimes it conflicts with your core beliefs and you feel confused yet still curious.
  • You're struggling with family members or relationships. Sometimes your good intentions backfire and you don't know how to communicate or correct the problem.
  • You want to open up your intuition, spiritual gifts and every area of your life. You want to understand your mission and purpose on earth.

A Typical Session Might Look Like This:

  1. First, we do an Energy Scan to see what is going on with your energy.
  2. We can focus on an intention such as improving your health, spiritual/intuitive gifts, relationships, communication, business.  OR, we can just see where the energy leads us for your highest good.
  3. We then optimize your energy, see where energy is draining out of you, and heal it. We do this using my B.R.A.V.E. system, my proprietary method I’ve developed over the past 20 years. 
    B is for Beliefs - the subconscious beliefs that influence our thoughts, emotions and our physical reality. These can be from childhood, adulthood or generational/ancestral.   

    R is for Remedy - this is where I check to see if any supplements or other energetic remedies can help you.  
    A is for an Action Step or something to do physically to finalize the shift.   

    V is for anything to process Verbally or Visualize.   

    E is for Energy and here we check emotions, entities and your energy systems. We do a “Tune-up” on all your energy systems, checking the connections with your subtle body energies (aura, meridians, chakras and more).
  4. We can also do Spirit DNA Integrations, which involves taking your highest self (your spirit DNA) and integrating new frequencies into your physical body (your physical body DNA). This helps your physical body to vibrate at a higher level, so you can align with higher frequencies, activate your spiritual/intuitive gifts, and receive protection from lower frequencies.
  5. Sometimes there is coaching or education you receive to help you with some of the reasons mentioned above.
  6. Sometimes there are action items (like homework) so you can continue Spirit DNA Integrations on your own time. 

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