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2023 Inspirational Guidebook & Webinar

Can you feel the energy of this upcoming year?

Would you like to understand what it means for you personally?

Do you enjoy finding answers with symbolism in your life?

Symbolism is the often the way our subconscious and even the universe speaks to us. It helps us understand meaning in layers… going deeper and deeper as we uncover the truths hidden within.

Have you ever chosen a word or theme?

A few years ago I asked what my word for the year would be and I heard a voice enter my mind that gave me the word and then it said “And here is your number”.

What??? A number?  I’ve never heard of that. Then later I had images flash in mind of an animal. I saw the way it moved, I saw the look in it’s eye, heard the sound it made, and felt the energy in its body language.  I later received four other symbols for the year. 

I knew I was supposed to share it with others so I created my first guidebook.

Each year I prayerfully approach the year and see what inspiration and symbols come. When I did it this year I got the same ten as last year but there was an additional bonus... a Key to unlock the desire of your heart. 

What do the symbols mean? 

After I receive symbols I look at the energy and what they mean for the year. It has created a beautiful story that gives various clues and information about what the year will hold. 

It reminds me of this picture.... getting just a word is like only focusing on the trunk of the elephant. But with all of the symbols you get to see the year in its entirety from different angles. This allows you to get a more whole view. 



MY FAVORITEthing about knowing the symbols in the Guidebook....

At the end of each year I love reviewing the Guidebook and seeing how they showed up during the past year.  I have been BLOWN away at what is revealed. It brings even MORE meaning. The depth of understanding is remarkable.  It also shows me how I have been prepared for the next year and the next symbols that are coming in for the next year.  


So what is included in the 2023 Inspirational Guidebook?

For the rockin’ price of $23


The webinar explains the deeper symbolism and where each of the areas support us during the year.  You will come away knowing what each symbol is so you can create your personalized Guidebook. The recording will be emailed so you can review it later. 


This has everything in one place. It explains the energetic story of the symbols as well as each one listed out with ways to help you discover what they are. It has lists, discovery website links, and a visual and word summary. 


Choose from one of the pre-made templates to create your own slideshow of your year by entering the descriptions and visuals onto a presentation template so you can print to put in a binder, hang on the wall or just occasionally review. 


If you want even more easy for you options you can print the beautiful printables we created for you and simply fill in the blanks with your individual symbols. 

What others have said... 

"Love, love, love!!!! I feel like this is exactly the thing to support my path! I had already done so much of what you suggest in the guidebook, but just on my own in my own haphazard way, you…my lovely Martina Muir, have systematized this into a beautiful process and I am sooooo excited!"

- Christina


"I absolutely loved this exercise! I have chosen a word for the year for many years but this takes it to a whole new level! It feels like I have a whole infrastructure of personal support and insight as I go into this monumental year! Thank you for sharing your revelation with us!!"

- Melani

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