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Unlock Your Intuitive Superpowers LIVE WORKSHOP

Did you know you have SUPERPOWERS?  Yes, it's true!!  And it's time to identify, activate and master them! 

After working with hundreds of people over the past decade I've learned the way to discover the unique way each person receives and interprets their intuition as well as how to the develop them more easily, the things that shut them down and how to discern what you're receiving.

I would love to share them with you!

If you are ready to level up - this experience will change you.  You will come away feeling more confident and clear while having tools to help you continue to use and master your gifts.

Here is what is covered - 

  • The Ten Spiritual Senses and the unique ways they are used.
  • How to open up and enhance your skills.
  • Discernment tools to navigate the unknown.
  • Practice and play. 
  • How you can serve others in the best way possible. 

There will be live in-person energy readings to help understand how gifts flow through you. You will also receive a workbook and pre-recorded trainingto prepare for the event.

Saturday, September 24, 2022. 10:00-4:00 pm 

Free Will Healing
293 E Telegraph St, Ste 204
Washington, Utah (St. George)

ONLY $111

You get almost 8 hours of training in a small group for HALF of what it costs to work with me for an hour!  Wowza!   

Excited to see you there! 

* Space is limited to maximize the experience so register soon to claim your spot!